Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment options allow home owners to purchase a Backyard Office with payment terms that work for them.


Fast Track Loan

Fixed Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Interest only payments for up to 10 years

By not having to pay down your principal for up to the first ten years, you have the ability to address more urgent cash demands.

No income verification required

We'll help you to use the equity you already have in your home, without ever having to verify your income.

Fixed interest rate

No need to worry about any market fluctuations in the coming years, you'll have the stability and peace of mind of your HELOC at a fixed rate.

Close in as few as 15 days

We feel your sense of urgency and will work our hardest to help you close on your HELOC in as little time as possible, often in as few as 15 days.

No closing costs on loans up to $400,000

Keep more cash in your pocket now by not having to pay any closing costs on your home equity line of credit.

No appraisal necessary

We don't need to send anyone to your home to inspect it, we're able to accurately appraise your house remotely.
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We use only the highest quality materials, so you can ensure your backyard office will always be comfortable, quiet and secure.

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