Backyard Office

Premium office in your backyard

Our flat-rate, built on-site backyard offices include everything you need to start working from home.

Everything Included

Ditch the commute and work from your backyard

Our offices come with a risk-free assessment, transparent pricing and speedy installation.

Built On-site
Rate Pricing

How it works

The easiest way to start working from home

From start to finish, we handle everything to get your office up and running, including city permitting, foundation installation, and electricity setup.


Step 1

Onsite assessment

A Backyard Office project manager meets with you at your home and lays out where you want to place your office.


Step 2

Build and paint

Our professional installers construct your office and paint it to your desired color in just four weeks.

Office Worker

Step 3

Ready to use

After your local municipality provides the required inspections, your office is ready for you to use.

Ready to get started?
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Turnkey home office

No hidden fees or additional charges for basic necessities, all our offices are built ready to use so you can start working from home quickly and effectively.

Powered and connected

Our offices are built ready for you to plug in your devices and start working with all the amenities of your home.

  • Electricity hooked-up

    From trench digging to wiring, we handle everything required to power you new Backyard Office, including the cost of the permit.

  • Internet connected

    A Backyard Office comes connected to your home internet through a high speed underground cable, ensuring a fast, reliable connection you can count on.

  • Air conditioned and heated

    A ductless mini split efficiently heats your office during cold winter nights and cools it on hot summer days for complete year-round climate control.

High quality construction

We build our offices on-site using the same materials and methods used for building modern new homes, keeping your work space quiet and comfortable.

  • Wood frame and drywall

    Built with traditional wood framed walls lined with a quality drywall interior, our offices are built to last a lifetime.

  • Concrete foundation

    We include a solid concrete slab which provides a level, stable base that is weather resistant and keeps water out of your office.

  • Painted to any color

    Since our offices are built on-site and not in a factory, we can paint your office to any color you would like.

We use only the highest quality materials, so you can ensure your backyard office will always be comfortable, quiet and secure.

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