BACKYARD GYM Longer workouts shorter commutes

Love to work out, but hate the commute? With your Backyard home gym, you are only a steps away from your personal fitness center.

Backyard gym pod layout with weights and dumbbells

Built on-site

Everything you need for a backyard home gym

From start to finish, we handle everything to get your gym up and running, including city permitting, foundation installation, and electricity setup.

Electricity hooked-up

From trench digging to wiring, we handle everything required to power you new backyard gym, including the cost of the permit.

Air conditioned and heated

A ductless mini split efficiently heats your office during cold winter nights and cools it on hot summer days for complete year-round climate control.

Concrete foundation

We include a solid concrete slab which provides a level, stable base that is weather resistant and keeps water out of your backyard gym.

Never wait for a machine again

From cutting out drive time to splitting your workouts into convenient sessions, a home gym is one of the most time efficient investments you can make. Create a training environment that is both comfortable and private, right in your backyard!


Simple build process with upfront fixed pricing

Gym Models

Get inspired by our gym floorplans

Build one of our standard models and make it your own or work with us to create a customized gym based on your specifications

Frequently asked questions

With our fully managed build process, you get a powered, air conditioned and heated gym built in your backyard in just four weeks

Can I customize my gym?
Yes. Since, we build all our gyms on-site from scratch, we are able to accommodate most customization requests.
Do customizations cost extra?
Many minor customizations can be done for no additional cost, while major customizations generally require some price modification.
Are Backyard Offices manufactured?
No. We build on-site using the same techniques and materials used in residential construction.
Is the foundation and electrical included?
Yes. Unlike other shed providers, our price includes the foundation and electrical hookup for no additional cost.
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We use only the highest quality materials, so you can ensure your backyard office will always be comfortable, quiet and secure.

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